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The Destroyer

Connor Angel
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Connor appears directly after the episode Deep Down, he has just been thrown out of the hotel by Angel. He is approximately 18 years old. He has brown straight, kind of raggy, shoulder length hair and intense blue eyes. He is skinny and about 5' 11'' tall.

Connor is the son of Angel and Darla, the only child ever produced by two vampires in BtVS/AtS canon. He was kidnapped as a child and grew up in a hell dimension by Holtz, an enemy of Angel who raised him to hate Angel and think of Holtz as his Father. Holtz called him Steven when he was growing up.


1 pair blue jeans,
1 t-shirt purpley grey in colour with dark blue sleeves.
3 knives, two fairly primitive curved ones, one modern knife
1 wooden stake
2 or 3 bits of sharpened wood which could be used as a stakes in a push
5 assorted candy bars liberated from a vending machine
1 pair boys underwear
1 pair white socks
1 pair boots

This LJ is for RPing at the_blank_slate and for fun only. Connor Angel is from Angel: The Series and belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, and Vincent Kartheiser belongs to himself.