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The Destroyer
Connor who currently slept mainly where he found himself when he got tired, though sometimes in the caves, woke early on the morning he was to practise archery with Faramir. He was not to meet Faramir til mid-morning and so spent the time in nervous agitation due to his anticipation. He had been to the clearing that Faramir had mentioned the day before, in order to make sure he was thinking of the correct place. The targets had indeed been destroyed by the hurricane but Connor would even relish the physical labour of replacing them. He makes his way the the compound and finds he is there before whomever is tasked with breakfast that day. So he hunts instead and takes two small jungle fowl. He makes his way back the clearing and makes a small fire at the outskirts then he busies himself plucking and cleaning one of the birds before spitting it and charring it over the open flames. He is this occupied when a sound catches his attention and he looks up.


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Connor still finds it a shock albeit a pleasant one waking up next to Buffy, at first he wonders if she really meant a week and while he does not mean to wait that long to find out, he is concerned about the comment she made about being sore, and is suprised how content he is with the affection she gives out easily, embraces here and there, brushing his hair out of face and kissing him before they go to sleep. It is something he has never had and while he doesn't know quite what the feeling is he lives in fear of having her decide it is wrong again because he could not cope without it now, when he wakes up before her he lies awake just watching her sleep and laughs when she complains of bedhair, he likes her rumpled from sleep and from him and he likes her when she is smooth and perfect as well.

When he watches her change now, he does it openly and admiringly and if she tells him off sometimes blushing sometimes teasing, he is almost certain she does not mean it. He is currently trying to convince her to sleep nude, they have plenty of covers and he means it when he says he'll keep her warm.

He wakes before her most mornings and though he likes watching her sleep, for some reason on this particular morning it is not enough, he waits a while as she doesn't like to be woken early, before starting softly to kiss her neck, she stirs but doesn't wake and he thinks this would be a nice way to be awoken he moves his mouth down her body but is stymied by her t-shirt, he can't take that off with waking her and he wants it to be his kisses so instead he moves further down, it is easy to get her underwear off, they are barely there to begin with and he places his mouth between her legs, kissing gently at first and then remembering the spot that makes her moan when he touches it, he moves his mouth to there and begins to use his tongue.

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Connor stirred in his sleep he could hear bird song and when he opened his eyes a crack he could see light peeping under the door of the hut, he stretched and then realised where he was sleeping and he remembered what had happened last night. He couldn't help but feel a grin steal across his face and he pulled Buffy closer, she was still naked and he wondered if it would be wrong to kiss her awake, he wasn't sure so he didn't he looked at her naked form and brushed the hair out of her face, she was so beautiful and part of him remembering what she had said last night and worried what would happen when she woke up. He would have to make her see that whatever happened with Angel didn't matter.

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1) Connor has two daddies. (Not like that!)

Connor wants to think of himself as Daniel Holtz son, (Stephen Thomas Franklin Holtz to be exact) but he can't not after his actions. He does not want to this of himself as Angel's son but he does. In his thoughts he thinks of them both as his father. I am trying to be fairly obvious in which one he is thinking of :-)
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2) Connor will not take medication.

When Connor arrived in L.A. he ran off into Los Angeles and found trouble in the form of a girl, Sunny, being attacked by a drug dealer, he stops this (cutting off the drug dealers ear in the process) and she takes him back to an abandoned motel and is the first person whose ever nice to him, she then kisses him, explains she has to take medicine and dies of a drug overdose/bad stuff. So Connor thinks medication = chance of death and he'll have no part in it.

3) Connor can read and write but not well.
Connor canonically reads a letter left for him by Holtz, He learned because Holtz required him too, he is not a fast reader and is probably better at that than writing, his handwriting is terrible and he never even saw a pen or writing instrument until he came back to L.A. He can see why it's useful but doesn't really get reading for pleasure etc.

4) Connor is faster and stronger than he looks.

Connor has lost any abilities he had from being the prophecied child of two vampires, but he grew up in a hell dimension so physical labour was the norm and danger constant so he has excellent reflexes and some strength of his own. (This is what I think, I may run this past a mod, but stronger than he looks not stronger than human norm.) Also he is still a well trained fighter, is reckless and has little regard for his own safety so it would be easy to underestimate him because he really doesn't look like much of a threat.

5) Connor sees things as black or white.

Connor is not much for the middle ground or grey areas, you are good or you are evil. You are wrong or you are right, he might start seeing this differently but thats his current outlook.

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Connor gets used to the island quickly, he's nothing if not adaptable and despite telling himself attachments are a weakness he is becoming attached to Buffy. He is also observant and he watches her response to him with growing interest, he undresses in front of her and he knows she looks and he wonders if she knows he watches her. When he doubts her, which is becoming less frequent he leaves before she is awake and stays away all day and she always comes looking for him, he tells himself this means more than her feeling responsible from him. The third or fourth time he is injured, hunting boar, or maybe the time he lept from a height that is more than he can manage here, she makes him promise to stay away from the dinosaur side of the island. Connor promises easily, he hadn't considered it really but the idea is in his head now and it is a matter of days before he makes his way there, he is lucky to escape without injury but it will not stop him returning now and then. The challenge of killing a dinosaur weighs heavy on his mind, he likes to take risks and chances and if he is honest he misses danger.

Somedays he trains with Buffy and if he is not as strong as he was he is as quick and he if is frustrated by being beaten by a girl, he is not stupid enough to say so, but on the occassions he does win, it is inevitably using something Angel taught him and he realises this is less because of the superiority of the fighting style and more because of the way it affects her. Some nights he watches her sleep and his attraction is only fueled by the sub-conscious knowledge that neither of his Fathers would approve. Angel would certainly not want him anywhere near someone he had professed to love, and Holtz had been particular vehement on the sin of lust.

On the day she comes home to find him sitting on the bed, he has thought long and hard on it and he wants to know who she would choose so he kisses her hard and determined and part of him is afraid and part of him is thrilled and deep down he is holding his breath to see what she will do.

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